If  you want to expand your tool kit when learning and teaching English,

connect to your body in an authentic,

compassionate, curious and meaningful way

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Liza Futerman is a somatic experience learner and artist. She is also an artivist and a public speaker working towards the integration of play and fun into educational practices.

While teaching English as a Foreign Language at 

universities and colleges around Israel, Liza

developed a method to learn English using our

entire body.

Liza's teaching practice is inspired by Somatic

Experience learning, Bibliotherapy, Authentic

Movement & Writing as well as Conflict

Mediation and the recently developed language

of Contact Clown that brings together strategies

from Mixed Abilities Contact Improvisation and

social clowning to foster self love and self

acceptance and minimize shame and

procrastination that often surface in challenging

learning processes.


Liza is the author and co-creator, together with Evi Tampold, of the graphic medicine

novel Keeper of the Clouds telling about how we can use improvisation strategies to

communicate meaningfully and connect with people living with dementia as well as

altered states of consciousness.

Liza's ongoing learning processes inspired her to help others awaken their creativity in

order to express themselves in newfound ways. 

These days Liza is deepening her research in the language of Contact Clown as having

the potential to foster healing environments for persons living with dementia and

cPTSD as well as for individuals coping with grief, loss and bereavement and their

support circles. In addition, Liza and Evi are currently working on their second

collaborative graphic novel about shame in education and they are super excited about

this one! 

What Do People Say About Liza?

"Liza is a highly intelligent, knowledgeable and sensitive person.

Her open minded approach combined with a soft heart and curiosity of a child is so pleasant to work with. 

I'm really happy I found Liza to work with, and I recommend working with her if you're ready to embark on a valuable journey" 

Shai Ben Dor,

Programmer & Focusing practitioner