Movement Sessions 

Liza is a certified instructor of mixed abilities contact improvisation dance and a certified Thai massage therapist . 

She integrates focusing practice and guided imagination into her sessions. 

She has designed and developed workshops that draw on the language of non-violent communication through the body, and has been offering these sessions internationally. 


What to expect In a Movement Session with Liza? 

Deep dive into our bodies

Arriving at the present moment through sensations in the body 




Serendipitous moments that lead to connection 

Practical tools that can be used across disciplinary boundaries 


On Making Our Body Matter


“Upon realizing the materiality of my body, my soul can relax into it, making the walls -- the bones, facia, muscles, the spaces in between -- no longer the prison, the tight and moldy grounding place as in go-to-you-room-you-are-grounded-type-of-thing, but rather, the cushioned armchair in which the soul can dance while breathing in the rich and soft aroma of the fabric; rejoicing upon finding comfort in the matter.” 


From “Making OurSelves Matter: A Meditation on the Sacred Materiality of the Mundane Body” by Liza Futerman 




Liza has facilitated many improvisation classes over the years. Watch this video for a feel of her work. 

Photography: Yam Traiber