Poetic Reflections on Contemporary Dance Education

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

In July 2019, I was invited to attend the International Documentation of Contemporary Dance Education at ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival at the Arsenal. I was invited on board as a poet to join the creative documentation team. Presented below are the poetic reflections I returned with.

Much gratitude and love to Defne Erdur for the invitation.

Photo credit: Yam Traiber Photography

Part I:

When words are all a blur, the only language that erupts is body language The laws of attraction are activated more easily, more fluently creating Soundscapes of feet and bodies against floor resonating closeness Vibrating together towards spontaneous choreographies within spaces that once upon a time used to serve as the headquarters to strategise violent tactics, to prep for war, now these very spaces are declared to be "Art for Art."

I listen closely, and hear heart to heart.

Where strangers speak strange languages, bodies move in synchronized fashion, forming transient forms, collapsing space and time and time and time-- no longer matters, yet we matter, our bodies matter and art, art matters,

be it material or heart-felt.

Art matters.


Part II:

I'm tracing forwards,

forwarding my imagined weight between the outside and the inside.

I tread lightly, breath deeply, suspended in the in-between, in the ambivalent space-time of not-yet-future, not longer past, we call it now.

We. Call. It. Now. Now appears again and again and again.

Every now is scented differently, its flavour varies, from sweet grapes to spicy tomato soup, its texture can be suffocating and harsh, or soft and fluffy, it can make one feel loved and well cared for. Fidelity is a word that pops to mind -- it comes with the softness of this now-love I cushion myself with.

The love measures to the exact temperature I want it to be. It warms my vocal chords such that singing comes out effortlessly to express my inner weather, it sounds like human voice -- it sounds beautiful.

It sounds.

It intermingles with other human sounds.

At first there was light,

then darkness,

then light.

25 hours of community building through art, movement, touch, curiosity, responsibility meeting all in one space in the present to realize that bodies matter, that our bodies matter.

Once we realize our value in the world (I naively believe so with all of my hearts) the world will be a safer place to call home.

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