Updated: Jun 23, 2020

This piece was written as a response to the pandemic and was a way for me to connect to how I experience my contribution to the world as an artivist, as a researcher and as a community leader.

Remember the good old days we feared Azheimer's disease? The days we feared to forget, OurSelves? (A paradox don't you think? Our Self )

Indeed this were dark times.

We have just globally embarked a brand new era.

Welcome! into the new world that invites, that demands! to reconsider everything we thought we knew about that construct we call the self, the individual and our existence in this world we call ours.

Alzheimers is the sickness of the old world, the world that existed until March of 2020.

Starting March 2020 the plates of the universe have shifted and a new world came through. A world whose frequency is higher. It's like the volume of the permenant scream of the earth, the tender call for life, has been sharpened, and it's louder now than ever before, now we all can hear it. Globally.

The personal is the universal.

No more national disasters, the atomic bomb is no longer a threat, tsunamis that shutter parts of the world could not make the difference, the multiple holocausts that strike the peoples of the world changed no thing, so the #holocene comes through and shows us #humility.

This is time for a #NewEpoch. An epoch of coming together and showing up for life!

An epoch of no longer fearing of the future and no longer regretting the past, this is the epoch of the now, of the present, an invitation to be #present in the present!

This is a call for a radical change in our bone structure, in our cultural and social genetic codes.

The earth is screaming its lungs out. And it comes in the form of #convid19

This is the age for us to unite and restructure our lives based on the present currents.

It's time to #JOINATURE, to listen closely inwards into our heartbeats.

It's time to ground our-self in what matters, literally, the materiality of earth.

It's time to immerse ourselves in the versatility of currents that rivers teach us.

It's time for paying respect to the winds of change.

It's time to ask trees and plants for their wellbeing and learn how to join their breathing cycles, they know, they've been doing this gig for longer than we know.

It's time to ask the spiders how to build sustainable homes, and listen to the buzzing of the bees.

It's time to master our resilience and ability to stay in the darkness, the unknown, and celebrate the #mystery of things to unfold.

This is a call for action.

A call to accept our human NATURE.

We are nature!

No more no less: we are no gods and no machines, we did not come here to do but to be.

The time has come to embark on our most important research ever: a self discovery journey! However, unlike with previous discoveries we have made since we have declared ourselves to be a human race, this time, we are invited to focus on the discovery part rather than the self aspect.

And remember, there is no race. Time is on our team.

Darwin was wrong!

Evolution exists, but it's no competition. No race to be won. It's the evolution of growth. Together.

It's an oportunity to soul search, it's an invitation to be human in its most basic form.

It's no time for isolation but rather for connection.

It's time to form contact with life and with all it brings.

It's time to improvise, to be creative in the ways we understand life and death, relationships, leadership, family structures, priorities.

This is time to #UNLERN our patterns of linear thinking and adopt more natural form such as #rhizomatic thinking, the form of the root, the #rhizome, that which has no beginning and no end, that which is always in the middle of being, always already connected to everything else in this dance we call life.

Death is part of life. Accept it. No need to fear it, it won't prevent it anyhow.

It's an invitation to accept life as is with all the calamities it brings to our front door.

It's time to connect back to ourselves via whatever means we know how, there are many ways, many tools that postmodern psychology has developed in the past epochs: focusing, drama therapy, dance therapy, arts based self expression, rebirthing breathing therapies, laughter therapy, medical clowning and the list goes on...


Connect to your inner most #ARTIVIST

It's time to retell a story of life and death, it's time to accept all of us, to see through the surface and into the depth of our higher selves.

It's time to take responsibility.

It's time to come up with better ways to use our bodies responsibly, as if those were our best buds.

It's time to plant seeds for a more sustainable future.

It's an urgent call for a future where we use our energy sensibly responsibly, gracefully, where we tread the earth lightly, dancing contact improvisation with our conscious minds bodies souls and energetic fields.

It's time to recognize our #true nature.

We are offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to join the movement of the tectonic plates. See it as the universe's marriage proposal to each and everyone of us.

And i say yes. I say yes yes yes HELL YES!

Yours truly,

Liza Futerman

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