Liza has a unique method of teaching English

She offers somatic experience learning sessions where you’ll get the chance to learn with all of your being.


You will be listening, speaking, reading and writing with all of your body parts, sounds weird?


Well, it truly is.


Imagine that we were taught to use only tiny percentage of our mental capacity, using our bodies and our senses, using movement and play, you’ll discover your learning faculties.


Prepare to be surprised. 


What does a typical lesson with Liza look like? 

We will Tune into our bodies 

Work on the 4 skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking

We will engage in conversations using guided questions 

We will work on our self-confidence. 

 In our sensory experience, we will go back to our childhood exploratory stages when we didn't need to learn grammar and other tools to learn a language. 

When learning grammar, we will tackle our biggest fears and use humor and imagination to disarm and befriend them.

By creating a safe and accepting environment we will be able to feel home in the foreign language

You can join Liza from all over the world via Zoom. 


What is So special about learning English as a Foreign Language with Liza? 


Her extensive experience and background working with somatic arts, trauma-informed education & grief.

"Incorporating grief into language learning is unprecedented and can lead to outstanding results."

-- Tori Milner

The importance of the Grief Process in Learning a Foreign Language: 

What does grief have to do with learning a language?

Grief teaches us to let go of limiting frameworks and beliefs we put in place over the years. 

It is important to use our intuition in the process of learning, however, when learning a new language we are stepping into a foreign territory, quite literally, and this can cause doubts about our intuition. 

By learning to let go and grieve beliefs that no longer serve us we can move through the language learning process with more ease and grace. Leading to faster and more embodied results.